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    Silicone baking mat is a new style for kitchens appliance that can used in oven to bake many kinds of biscuits.
    It is non-stick, easy to clean and safe to use in the dishwasher, reusable.

Features of silicone baking mat
    1、Provide even heat distribution
    2、Easy to clean
    3、Reusable 3000 times without grease
    4、Save time and money
    5、Good for all types of ovens
    6、Made of woven rubberized silicone with fiber \glass
    7、Ideal for baking cookies and pastries
    8、FDA approved and conform to US regulations on food grade silicone
    9、Effective from -40F to +540F

Specification and details of silicone baking mat
    1、Normal size spec
    30X42CM, 62X42CM, also can supply different sizes according to customer's requirement
    2、Shape: Rectangle, square, round
    3、Middle color: White and tawny
    4、Side color: Red, white, blue
    5、Stand temperature: -40deg C to 250degC
    6、Packing: One Plastic Bag for One Piece, and Carton for All

Care instruction
    1、Wash with mild detergent and water. Dry it before storage
    2、Don't cut on it
    3、Can't use it if the mat is cut
    4、Use the smooth side up
    5、Don't use on stove top element, under boiler or on grill
    6、Don't expose to open flame