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Kevlar Guiding
Kevlar guiding
Kevlar fireproof cloth
Kevlar fabric
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Kevlar series mesh cloth、fireproof cloth is our newest products, we adopt high intensity Kevlar as basic material, processed with advanced equipment and coated with PTFE resin to make it into various of mesh cloth and fireproof cloth, the intensity and temperability of this product are greatly improved compared with traditional fiberglass materal.

Main Features
    High temperature resistance, fireproof high intensiy static-resistance, better toughness, no smoke and poison when it burning, anti corrosion, high friction coefficient.

    Industry conveyer belt, various of drying belt such like dyeing and microwave, fireproof gloves, bulletproof cloth etc.
    Size available, max width:4100mm, thikness:0.18-1.5mm.