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PTFE architectural membrane
PTFE architectural membrane
PTFE architectural membrane
The main characteristics of film material are light weight, high intensity, fireproofing, good capability of self-lustration, not impacted by the ultraviolet radiation, resisting impotence caused by bend, resisting contorts, resisting aging, long using life; and it has high light permeating rate and low heat absorbing rate. Because of the invention of this membrane material, the membrane framework constructions become the permanent construction.

    The film material of construction is widely used in large public place: roof system of gym room, hall of airport, exhibition center, platform, roof of sight-kiosk.

    Film framework is a fire-new construction framework form, it is aggregating architectonics, framework mechanics, elaborate chemistry, material science and computer technology, and has high techno-content. Its fa?ade could be discretionarily changed to combine the whole environment and build up visual project. Under the sunlight, the inside of construction which covered by film will be full of natural diffusing light, without strong distinguish of shade and shadow, and has open, concordant vision environment. In the night, the light within the construction permeating the film of roof and illuminating the sky, this makes the construction beauteous.